Photo Courtesy of  Zeffler Photo

Photo Courtesy of Zeffler Photo


Moving from Urban Design to Graphic Design isn't quite the stretch one would expect. Both lean heavily on an empathetic attitude; the desire to solve a person's need. Heavily influenced by great designers such as Charles + Ray Eames, I have learned that great design is a response and not an aesthetic. It is a solution and not a style.

"I never gave up painting. I changed my palette." - Ray Eames

The creation of great physical spaces is dependent upon how a person uses those spaces; how they move, the emotions they evoke, the purpose of the space. Is it for relaxation? For entertainment? Does it have to be flexible? The digital world holds so much in common. As a graphic and web designer, I need to view my designs from the perspective of a person on the other end of the brochure, computer or mobile device. Does the site function according to human behavior? Do the colors evoke the right emotion? Is the primary information conveyed clearly?

This is what I love about being a designer.  I get to identify needs, desires, and problems. I get to participate in the process of making people's lives better, easier, and more joyous. 


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