K E E P   T H E   B I G   I D E A 
Ray Eames from Herman Miller’s 
America Meets Charles and Ray Eames, 1956

In the search for a great quote to begin my first journal entry, I was overwhelmed with finding the perfect design related quote which would also be deeply cerebral. Then I stumbled across this video from Charles and Ray Eames in 1956, for Herman Miller. Ray Eames said something deeply profound but overtly simple, and yet it is easily forgotten.

Keep the big idea.

As I launch TanWood Creative, it is easy for me to go down roads of grandiose visions; creating images (literally and figuratively) of what I hope this venture will become. But in the minutia of it all, I have to, as Ray Eames said, Keep the big idea.  

My hope for TanWood Creative is nothing new; it is central to my life as a designer and artist. I want to magnify the importance of design in everyday life.  In other words, I want to create beautiful “things” to put a smile on people’s faces.  It’s that simple - this is the big idea.

Over the coming weeks, months and even years, this journal will become a living document of my venture, my process, and my work.  At times, it may be personal, and other times it may be professional.  I may include a video or image which has helped shape me over the years, or maybe has helped shaped my current project.  I’ll try to start each entry with a quote from a designer whom I admire, just to keep some sort of consistency.

I hope you will come back and keep checking on my new creations, or linger a few moments to read what’s happening at TanWood Creative.  

james (jp) tanner