Inspired by Mark Brickey (@AIDPodcast) & Dave Conrey (@FreshRag) from The Fresh Rag Show episode, From The Vault #1


Sometimes I can be pretty stubborn, and as much as I'd love to blame my German heritage, the truth is I can't.

Since my last post, the phrase "artist's mindset" keeps coming up. Mark Brickey kind of kicked this off when I asked a question on his AID-am show, and he said that I had an "artist's mindset." This came up again when I was talking with a friend, who said I tend to lean toward an artist's mindset rather than a consumer's. And again, while listening to Dave Conrey talk w/ Mark Brickey, Mark mentioned how he and his wife are quick on their feet and able to adjust to what consumers are looking for in great design (I'm paraphrasing Mark, but that's what I gleaned from his comments). The straw that broke the camel's back was a conversation with my wife, as we were bouncing ideas back and forth. She told me that I have too much of an artist's mindset, and need to focus more on what the larger public wants, rather than a very select group of people.

The repetitious "attack" on my ego seems to have served two purposes. One, the postponement, in part, of my first project mentioned in entry #002. The other is a venture into a new project that I'm equally as excited about as the previous idea.

Venturing out into unfamiliar territory is scary for any of us. Where is the loss of self in art, and where is expanding a skillset to create something new and fun for a wider audience. I have a virtual cornucopia of ideas swirling in my head and can't wait to begin sketching them and posting them here for you to see.

 'til next time!

jp tanner