the stoke print series

the stoke print series

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Surfing changed my life...so much so I have it tattooed on my arm. There's just something about standing on the beach first thing in the morning, waxing the top of the board, paddling out and dropping in.

I wanted to pass that same feeling along in these prints. Some highlight the great shops of Southern California, that I feel cemented the surf culture in America. Others are of cars that I believe are iconic and commonly associated with the Sport of Kings.

Each print is an unframed 5x7 full color print on 100# cover stock. They look great on a wall or on your desk.

*** 10% of each sale will go to the Life Rolls On Foundation, an organization begun by surfer Jesse Billauer, to help those who are paralyzed engage in sports again***

The Names of the Prints are:
VW Bus
VW Bug
Harbour Surf
Hobie Surf
Dewey Weber Surf
Channel Islands Surf
Jack's Surf Shop

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